Donation of Network to the Cardiology Clinic of the General Hospital Papanikolaou

Donation of Network to the Cardiology Clinic of the General Hospital. Papanikolaou


Network stands by the National Health System as well as the great battle it is waging to deal with the Covid19 pandemic, by strengthening – once again – the medical equipment of one of the largest Hospitals in Northern Greece.


Specifically, Network proceeded with the Donation of the following equipment,

  • Central Coronary Unit Monitoring Station – for the continuous monitoring of important parameters such as blood pressure, tightening and oxygenation of patients’ blood, so that immediate intervention can be made in case of deterioration
  • Coronary Unit Monitoring Monitor – for continuous patient monitoring and connection to a central station
  • Telemetry system – Prudence of patients admitted to the ward for continuous monitoring of heart rate and oxygen through the central station
  • Esophageal ultrasound head – For ultrasound assessment of cardiac function. Helps diagnose heart complications from the Covid virus19
  • 2 electrocardiographs – Screening patients for heart complications
  • Medication and resuscitation trolley – for the day-to-day operation and Covid19 case monitoring


The specific Donation was made within the program of Network “Contribute to Health” with the main purpose of improving the care and hospitalization conditions of every people.


The “Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance” with its action seeks to strengthen the sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings and society and declares its readiness to contribute substantially to the joint effort made by our country to protect the highest good of Health and value of human life.


Dr. Ioannis Zarifis – Coordinating Director of the Cardiology Clinic talked on Network’s camera