EvLOGIMENO nistisimo, the new sponsor of Network

Network welcomes EvLOGIMENO nistisimo as its official sponsor


A new very important collaboration between the Network and the EvLOGIMENO nistisimo, which aims to support Social Programs and their beneficiaries throughout Greece.


The General Manager of the company, Mr. Dimitris Manaris, stated: “It is our special honor to cooperate and support Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance. Our company has been implementing a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility program for several years and in this context, we could not but cooperate with such a remarkable organization as Network! ”


The President of Network, Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos, stated: “We are very happy for the conclusion of this cooperation, for the unification we would say better of our forces with the ultimate goal of supporting the sensitive social groups but also the environment. We welcome them to Network and our large family! ”


A few words about EvLOGIMENO nistisimo

EvLOGIMENO nistisimo is the ideal choice for those who have excluded cheese and animal ingredients from their diet, for reasons of health or lifestyle. It is made exclusively from 100% plant raw materials, such as coconut oil, tapioca, and potato starch, b-carotene, natural olive extract and is free of lactose, casein, soy, gluten, trans fats, and any ingredient of animal origin.


It completely covers more and more people who discover their intolerance to gluten as well as those who exclude dairy from their diet due to their intolerance to lactose and casein.


In addition to being the number one fasting person at the table, EvLOGIMENO nistisimo responds to new vegan dietary trends that are gaining more and more supporters. With a taste that stands out!


Its excellent taste has won over consumers who choose it more consistently throughout the year and not just during fasting periods. Light, with a soft texture and properties similar to yellow cheese, it satisfies deliciously creating wonderful dishes!