Contribute to Health

The Health of all people and the improvement of life & care for those who need it is a key part of the strategic actions of the Network.

Contribute to the Society

The strategic actions of the Network include an action plan to support every people, every family, and society!

Contribute to Education

The Network supports the improvement of the quality of education and training systems, especially for people who do not have access to it.

Contribute to Security

The safety of every citizen is one of the main goals of the Network, with a strategic action plan to increase secureness and stand against violence.

Contribute to the Environment

Respect for the environment, but also the accurate information for its protection is a moral obligation for the Network. We try to highlight the need for change in attitude towards the environment and promote the adoption of ecological habits in our daily lives. Love for the environment is not a choice, but an obligation we all have as members of society.


The Network stood by the society and the National Health System with the Donations over 600,000 €

Support for 5 Public Hospitals in Northern Greece

with the supply of medical supplies and special medical equipment

Support of Institutions

which were in a difficult position due to the restrictive measures but also the new increased needs

Vulnerable groups

support for various vulnerable groups and families affected by the pandemic

Donation of medical equipment

to deal with the pandemic but also of our fellow human beings who were hospitalized